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The multiple social determinants of health experienced by families in situations of social vulnerability affect their health and well-being. Timely access to mental health resources is crucial for these families, especially in stressful situations, such as the COVID-19 pandemic or stressful events (ex: divorce, illness). The practice of mindfulness in family, incorporating a playful approach, has been shown to be effective in reducing stress in both children and parents. However, there is no valid and accessible program in French. The FunConnectFam team has therefore developed a game-based mindfulness intervention program to improve stress management in the family. FunConnectFam includes a series of tool boxes (didactic manuals for health professionals, for parents, and for children). This program also includes ongoing training for community workers, early childhood educators and health professionals interested in offering the FunConnectFam program. This project is based on two complementary studies using mixed methods (quantitative and qualitative) based on the RE-AIM framework (Glasgow et al.2019) to frame the stages of Research-Development-Evaluation that reflect the key components of the Re-AIM framework.
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Target population

Early childhood educators and Community workers working with families and children.
Health professionals (primary care and mental health) working with children and youth.

Research objectives

  1. Identify the acceptability, usefulness and adherence factors of FunConnectFam training;
  2. Evaluate the effect size of the FunConnectFam training;
  3. Describe the experience of the participants in the FunConnectFam training;
  4. Describe the organizational, professional and technological factors influencing the uptake and the dissemination of FunConnectFam training.


Target population

Children (between the ages of 2 and 14 years) and their parents who are experiencing stressful situations or difficult periods of life transition (example: grief, serious illness, separation, moving, …).

Research Objectives

  1. Assess the adequacy, intelligibility, acceptability and adherence to the FunConnectFam Program;
  2. Assess the effect of the FunConnectFam program on stress level in children and their parents;
  3. Describe the organizational and professional conditions necessary for the implementation of FunConnectFam.


This project is financed by:


  • Ministry of Health
  • Addiction and Mental Health Services for Children and Youth, Vitalité Health Network
  • Addiction and Mental Health Services, Horizon health Network.
  • Association francophone des parents du Nouveau-Brunswick (AFPNB)
  • Repair Jeunesse Moncton, Boys and Girls Club of Moncton
  • Famille et petite enfance francophone Sud
  • Famille et petite enfance Nord-Est
  • Famille et petite enfance Nord-Ouest
  • Mouvement Acadien des Communautés en Santé du Nouveau-Brunswick
  • Société santé et mieux-être en Français du NB
  • Nova Scotia Health Network
  • The Federation of Acadian Parents of Nova Scotia